Saleability assessment and exit strategy

Saleability assessment and exit strategy


Exiting businesses should not be seen as a game of chance. Planning allows the business owner to remain in control of any process, and to focus the company on the most important, value enhancing strategies prior to an exit.

At Dresner MB Partners we believe that all business owners should formulate an Exit Strategy, even if it means family succession, or an MBO.


The Exit Strategy documents the following:

  • current value of the business and key value drivers;
  • exit options available;
  • market information including the types of buyers that may be interested and why (including details of recent transactions); and
  • comments on what may restrict the exit options and/or have a detrimental effect on exit values, allowing the owner time to put these things right before exit.

Establishing an Exit Strategy can start at any time, but the sooner the better.

For MBO teams and their private equity partners, formulating a credible Exit Strategy takes place before they invest their money. For most owner managers, exit planning is often left late, although, more and more entrepreneurs take advantage of early planning.


One key benefit in formulating an Exit Strategy 12-36 months prior to an exit, is the time it allows an owner to “groom” the business for sale, by focusing on improving areas in the business that are key value drivers to a buyer.

If you would like to assess the opportunities to review your future exit strategies and the ways to groom your business before the sale, please email us at