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Disposal advisory


Dresner MB Partners has substantial disposal advisory track record in the Engineering sector.  We help business owners set realistic targets and sell their companies swiftly and on attractive terms.


On the sell-side, we advise principally the following client groups:

  • Owners of family businesses, who face succession issues, and would like to release liquidity, or wish to strengthen their companies with professional investors.
  • Corporate groups, looking to dispose non-core businesses or activities.
  • Management buyouts or management buy-ins, where a company is sold to an inside or outside management team using external financing.
  • Private equity and venture capital firms, in the formalization and execution of exit strategies for their portfolio companies.
  • Fast growing technology companies, that need 2nd round, or later growth equity, to quickly capture market share.

The disposal process consists of different phases and takes several months to a year or longer. We suggest that you contact us at the beginning of the process, to optimise commercial, legal and financial conditions.


Often sellers contact us, when a potential buyer had already approached them. In such cases, we help model the future cash flows of the business, value the company and its potential synergies with the buyer, lead negotiations, manage the data room and assess and approach alternative candidates.


Dresner MB Partners is ready to manage the entire process from the initial valuation, through the preparation of marketing documents, to final negotiations and closing. We work closely with our IMAP colleagues around the world and with the seller's legal, tax and other advisors to achieve the best results.