ENTERPRISE valuation

ENTERPRISE valuation


Before selling or buying a company, you do well by appraising its market and asset value. It is important for you to know the expected price ranges in case of a sale to a professional or financial investor, or a buyout.

As of Q1 2013, Dresner MB Partners has completed over 130 company valuations for clients executing trade sale, capital raising, buyout and cash-out deals and for clients contemplating equity transactions. In some cases our valuations supported private equity earn-out and tax planning structures and we have advised in litigations against parties that are alleged to have harmed our clients destroying goodwill.


Dresner MB Partners values companies to the standards of international investment banks, based on discounted cash flows, transaction- and public market multiples, and other methods (fair value, asset value, collateral value, economic value added, brand value, etc.).


You can find case studies about company valuations in our publication, Firm Value.


For further information, please email Steve Preda, Managing Partner, at steve.preda[at]imapmb.com.