Acquisition advisory

Acquisition advisory


For acquisitions, we add value in both the analysis phase and during the negotiation of final terms. As external advisers, we contribute to an effective negotiating atmosphere, ensure that the interest of our client is realized to the greatest extent and facilitate the successful completion of the transaction.

Our buy-side advisory clients are typically:

  • Foreign companies that wish to set up operations on the East Coast of the United States or in Central Europe, particularly Hungary and Romania.
  • Local companies, that due to growth strategies or structural conditions in the industry see a strategic buy opportunity offering integration synergies in our two regions of operation.
  • Private equity groups that want to carry out buyouts or industrial consolidations.
  • Managerial and financially strong individuals with strong commercial backgrounds, who want to acquire succession-type companies through Management Buy-Ins (MBI) or Management Buy-Outs (MBO).

For the cross border acquisitions of US East Coast- and Central Europe-based companies, we can put together an IMAP acquisition team, in the countries of the targets.


We execute the acquisition process in multiple phases that typically takes from several months to a year or longer. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible, to optimise commercial, legal and financial conditions.


Dresner MB Partners is equipped to manage the entire acquisition process from analysing the buyer's situation and success criteria, through identifying and contacting selected companies, to final negotiations and structuring of closing.

This process is carried out in close collaboration with the company’s other advisers, including accountants and lawyers. The phases of the acquisition process depend on the type of buyer: (i) acquisition process where the target company is not identified, (ii) acquisition process for a buy-in team, or (iii) acquisition of a specific company, identified by the buyer.


In order to discuss your specific situation regarding the acquisition of companies with a minimum pre-tax earnings or EBITDA of EUR 1 million, please contact Steve Preda at