IMAP, Inc., a provider of premium M&A services worldwide, is pleased to announce that it has been ranked No. 3 globally for the number of completed transactions in 2011 by Thomson Reuters for deals with a value of up to US$500 million. IMAP also ranked No. 3 in Europe, and No. 1 in the CEE and Nordic Region, for the number of completed transactions for deals with a value of up to US$500 million.

For mergers and acquisitions deals with a value of up to US$200 million, IMAP also ranked No. 3 globally, No. 2 in Europe, No. 1 in CEE and the Nordic Region, No. 3 in Latin America, and No. 4 in North America, for the number of completed transactions.

In 2011, IMAP completed 227 M&A deals and 43 capital-raising mandates, with a strong showing in emerging markets and growing economies. For deals up to US$200 million, IMAP is No. 1 in Turkey, No. 3 in India and No. 6 in Brazil, for the number of completed transactions, reinforcing the company’s capabilities in these markets.

IMAP Chairman and CEO Sevket Basev commented on IMAP’s results for 2011, “Our commitment to reaching beyond expectations to provide innovative solutions to our clients is clearly demonstrated by the number of transactions we completed in 2011. Our worldwide reach and exceptional collaboration infrastructure allow us to offer the premium expertise, customized guidance and resourceful thinking required to close deals –no matter how complex – in today’s market:  this is why we are preferred across global, regional and local M&A markets. I thank my colleagues for their hard work and congratulate them on their success in 2011.”

IMAP also expanded its presence to Russia’s rapidly growing market and is now located in more than 40 countries. In Moscow, IMAP has integrated Advance Capital into the partnership, bringing on board the firm’s 13 highly-qualified, talented professionals and their valuable experience in M&A transactions, organization of financing, financial advisory and private equity. In 2011, Advance Capital ranked among Russia’s top 7 M&A investment advisors for the number of completed transactions, according to ratings of, based on the proprietary research that covered the activity of financial and legal advisors in the Russian M&A market.  

With this new partnership, IMAP enhances its sector coverage and diverse transaction pipeline in a number of industries including: technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT), oil and gas, metals and mining, FMCG, retail and services, construction, medical services and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and infrastructure.

On the integration of Advance Capital, Sevket Basev said, “This partnership will play an integral role in connecting Russian organizations to the rest of the world through cross-border and strategic advisory services that can only be delivered by IMAP. Russia is an economy with great importance for its region and the world and I believe we will bring unparalleled inbound and outbound investment opportunities to Russia and our global clients.”

Evgeny Antipov, Managing Director and Partner at Advance Capital said; “We are very pleased to be a part of IMAP, which holds a leading position in the M&A market. We look forward to working closely with other IMAP partners, and we're confident it will be a long-standing mutually beneficial relationship. By our integration into IMAP, the firm extends its global reach to help Russian businesses find new investors abroad and, provides Russian businessmen with access to a wider set of investment opportunities outside of Russia”