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Firm Value is published 10 times a year in Hungarian and Romanian, with an English summary.  Our readers are current and future company owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs. Through our columns, you may consult leading M&A practitioners, who as financial, legal, tax, or accounting advisors are involved daily in selling and acquiring companies or financing such transactions.

Authors and contributors:

  • István Préda, founder and Managing partner of Dresner MB Partners, chartered accountant in the UK, CFA charter holder in the US and holder of the CF (corporate finance) qualification in the UK and Canada. Istvan has 20 years experience in advising on the financing, acquisition and selling of companies. During the 5 years to 30 June 2011, he has supervised the sale, buyout and acquisition of 17 Hungarian companies.
  • András Lendvai, attorney at law with Salans in Budapest, expert in advising on mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property related issues. András and István have worked together on multiple successful M&A closings.
  • Szabolcs Varga and Zoltán Baki are partners of Bank Gutmann, a leading private bank, that advises and assists entrepreneurs on investing the proceeds from the exits of their companies.
  • Sándor Arányi, Founder and CEO of ENIAC Computing, a company that develops and provides ERP services.  Sándor has started his company in the mid 1990’s after graduating in the US and his software “OMF” fattens the sales and profits of over 100 Hungarian medium size and large companies.
  • Péter Honti is owner- Managing Director of Interauditor Kft, a “Big 10” accounting and auditing firm. He is an expert in auditing and general corporate taxation and likes fast motorbikes.
  • Iulia Lascau, Managing Director of EuroGlobal Audit, a leading Romanian audit and accounting firm. Iulia has been sharing her insight on the finer points of Romanian accounting and tax rules and practices, as it relates to entrepreneurs.
  • Ágoston Dombi our Editor, a well known real estate journalist, also editor of leading periodical, Ingatlan & Befektetés (Property & Investment).
  • Zoltán Ember is our ingenious graphic designer, who nurtures a distinguishing appearance for our publication.


    Our goal is to produce a specialist publication that helps you make your company more valuable, teaches how to access financing, grow through acquisitions and eventually convert the product of your decades-long mental and physical endeavours into wealth. It is our mission to help Hungarian and Romanian company owners become more mobile and grow regionally and throughout Europe.  We would like to motivate the upcoming generation of young company owners with the prospect (and know-how) of exiting and cashing in, as well as tapping further resources for growth. We wish to equip you for the oft-unavoidable hardships of the incubation years and light-up your path to wealth accumulation.


    Firm Value is authored by experts, not from the pulpit, but from the trenches of M&A, written in a frank and accessible style.  Our goal is to de-mystify our profession and make it consumable to you, dear reader, whom we hope to greet as a current, past or future client, good acquaintance, investor, or financing partner.

    For the archived issues of Fim Value we wish you a pleasant exploration, many hours of good reading and rising Firm Value!

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    István Préda           Ágoston Dombi
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